Why Use VoucherVille?
VoucherVille allows you to promote complementary businesses to your customers and earn a fee for this referral.
This sounds interesting how should I start?
Consider the industry you are in and think of those business who don't compete with you, but who offer services and products that your clients may be interested in. This concept at work is best illustrated with an example:
The referrer, Roberts B&B, wants to earn income for referring his guests. Robert starts by identifying the businesses that his guests would most likely purchase from or make use of while staying at his B&B. Robert identifies restaurants, golf courses, local attractions, wine farms, jewellery stores, spa's and a few select shops as possible opportunities. He then approaches each of these businesses and establishes a mutually beneficial relationship whereby he will market their businesses to his guests (through the use of printed promotional flyers or by sending promotional emails). In return, he will receive a commission based on the amount of money his referred guests spend.
Why are referring customers so important?
You now have the ability to earn extra income and maximise your profitability per customer - with very little work or expense. In addition you are able to provide a valuable service to your guests, which you may already be doing, but which can now be properly rewarded.
How does VoucherVille help with this?
VoucherVille provides the tools and systems needed to manage these relationships and ensure the correct recording and transfer of incentive fees. In addition, as more and more businesses join VoucherVille, so too do your potential partners.
Summary points
You have spent a lot of money acquiring your customers and it is likely that there are other complementary businesses who would like to market their products and services to them. VoucherVille helps you to promote these businesses and to earn a referral fee.