1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Evaluate your existing advertising channels
  3. Improve your promotions
  4. Find new marketing opportunities - only pay for results
Find and try new marketing opportunities and only pay for results
VoucherVille is created in such a way so as to encourage the relationships between you and those businesses which have the potential to refer customers to you. These are 'referrers'.
This sounds interesting how should I start getting more customers?
Consider the industry you are in, the types of business who don't compete with you but have the ability to refer clients onto you. This concept at work is best illustrated with an example:
The merchant, Mike's Deli, wants to grow his business through the use of referrers. Mike starts by identifying the businesses that have the ability to refer customers to his restaurant. Mike identifies guesthouses, hotels, golf courses, curio shops, travel kiosks and tour guides as possible opportunities. He then approaches each of these potential referrer's and establishes a mutually beneficial relationship whereby they will market his restaurant through the use of a printed promotional flyers or by sending promotional emails to their customers. In return they will receive a commission based on the amount of money those customers spend at his restaurant.
Why are finding new referrer channels so important?
You now have the ability to advertise in new areas and this advertising comes with no upfront commitment of money. You only pay for the business you receive. It incentivises these referrer channels to promote your business and it removes your risk from spending money advertising in areas which don't work.
How does VoucherVille help with this?
VoucherVille provides the tools and systems needed to manage these relationships and ensure the correct recording and transfer of incentive fees. In addition, as more and more businesses join VoucherVille so too does your potential referrer partners.
Summary points
VoucherVille helps you find new marketing opportunities and allows you to test and explore them at no upfront cost. VoucherVille incentivises referrers to promote your business, and markets your business to a customer at the right place and at the right time - not something you can easily do.
How does it Work - Find New Marketing Opportunities
  • Step 1: Identify potential sales channels (referrers) - people or businesses that will refer you product or service for a commission.
  • Step 2: Log onto VoucherVille and initiate a relationship with each referrer - ask them to work with you. If they are already on VoucherVille they will be notified of your request and are able to accept or decline your request. If they are not on VoucherVille they will be invited to join.
  • Step 3: Decide upon a special offer you are going to incorporate into your advertising - something of value to ensure customers present the voucher to claim the value add.
  • Step 4: Decide upon a commission percentage you are going to give each referrer based on the sales value.
  • Step 1: Logon to VoucherVille and create a discount voucher for each referrer who has agreed to work with you, detailing amount, validity period and how, when and where it can be used.
  • Step 2: Decide in what format the referrer will market your business - you choose between print promotion, email marketing or both.
Printable Advertising - the referrer will market you through printed brochures
  • Step 2: Incorporate the VoucherVille codes generated by the system onto your printable marketing material - only the voucher code changing per referrer.
  • Step 3: Distribute your amended advertising material to your referrers.
Email Advertising - the referrer will market you electronically
  • Step 1: Logon to VoucherVille and authorise the referrer to market your promotion electronically - once approved they will have access to promote your voucher electronically.
  • Step 1: Customer presents the voucher / marketing material to you.
  • Step 2: Logon to VoucherVille and enter the 10 digit voucher code.
  • Step 3: VoucherVille will validate this voucher for you and allow you to continue if it is valid.
  • Step 4: Amend the customer bill to incorporate the discount given.
  • Step 5: Redeem the voucher by entering in the total amount the customer spent. If you need help call out hotline and we will validate the voucher over the phone for you.
  • Step 1: Logon to VoucherVille and navigate to the reports section.
  • Step 2: Evaluate the success of each referrer, comparing growth in customers and increased sales per referrer.
  • Step 3: Amend your marketing plans to incorporate the results of this new information.
Payments and flow of money
  • Step 1: You receive full payment directly from customer for their purchases.
  • Step 2: VoucherVille will invoice you monthly for the commission owing to your referrers.
  • Step 3: VoucherVille will charge your credit card or debit your account for the total owing to referrers.
  • Step 4: VoucherVille will distribute this payment to the referrers.
There are no costs to you associated with using VoucherVille. VoucherVille makes income by charging the referrers a commission on what they earn.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why do I need to offer a discount or promotion?
VoucherVille requires the customer to present a voucher to the merchant so that we can identify who referred that customer. The discount given only needs to be significant enough to ensure the customer presents the voucher to claim their discount or value add.
2. My margins are small and I can't afford to discount? What do you suggest?
The discount given or value-add does not need to be large - consider an add-on which won't significantly affect your margins, but which will still be desirable to your customers. For example, a tourist attraction could include a free postcard, map or an extended tour.
3. When should I create a promotion which offers a larger discount or a value-add?
When the purpose of the discount is to simply track customers and reward referrers then a smaller value-add will work, however the larger the promotion the more customers you will attract. The use of larger discounts will bring in more customers. This is sometimes needed to attract attention to your offering and to bring you customers who would not otherwise have come to you.
4. What happens if a Merchant does not validate a voucher on VoucherVille?
VoucherVille will not be able to include this voucher in the merchant's reports and the success of each sales channel will be understated. If this customer was referred then the referrer will not earn a fee. The merchant will also see their merchant score decrease.
5. How does VoucherVille ensure that merchants actually scan the vouchers?
  • Through the use of our Merchant Scoring system the merchant builds a track record. This 'score' is used by referrers to choose between similar merchants. If a particular merchant consistently does not validate their vouchers, then their track record would count against them and they would soon lose the referred customers.
  • Common sense. Referrers will stop referring customers to a merchant if they don't receive a benefit and will seek out other competing merchants to promote.
  • Cancellation of their membership. Defaulting merchants will be removed from the system. The loss of access to new customers should be significantly more costly than the saving of referral fees.