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  4. Find new marketing opportunities - only pay for results
Grow your business by effectively using Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are a proven and effective tool in marketing your business. Your past customers - the people who know and value your service - are a powerful marketing channel. Purchasing gift vouchers allows them to promote your business to their friends. Gift vouchers are also a great way to introduce new clientele to your business and to increase the frequency of returning past customers. It is easy to see why the use of gift vouchers is so widespread and has become a business imperative.
So, having decided you need gift vouchers why should you make use of VoucherVille?
VoucherVille allows you to simply and easily create a gift voucher which you are able to print out to hand to a walk in customer, email to a customer who is not present or sell on your own website or re-sellers website. Each voucher you create is assigned a unique code and when it is presented to you by a customer, you are able to validate its authenticity.
I already create my own vouchers, am I missing something?
Yes, you are probably losing business. Physical vouchers require your customers to come to you, but VoucherVille vouchers allow you to send gift vouchers electronically via email or sms. Customers can also choose to purchase from your own website, FaceBook page or other marketing websites. Nowadays everybody wants convenience and making your customer come in to purchase a gift voucher is inconvenient - don't lose out by letting them look elsewhere for an easier option.
Where online are customers able to buy my Gift Vouchers?
You are able to sell gift vouchers from your own website, your FaceBook page and other websites currently signed up with VoucherVille as re-sellers. We currently have a relationship with WiningAndDining and Dining-out, two of the premier restaurants websites in the country, and we expect others to follow shortly.
Is there still a place for personalised Gift Vouchers?
Yes, businesses can still choose to use their personalised gift vouchers for walk-in's. Simply create the voucher on VoucherVille and instead of handing over the system generated voucher, copy the unique voucher code created onto your personalised voucher. Businesses are also getting creative and designing their own personalised electronic vouchers.
Summary points
Gift vouchers are a great tool to grow your business. The use of electronic vouchers improves sales as customers don't need to come in to your shop to collect them; they can be purchased online; they are more cost effective to produce; and they offer a greater degree of security.
3 ways customers can purchase your Gift Vouchers
  From You From Your Website From Resellers
Activation None Request VoucherVille to activate Request VoucherVille to activate
Setup None Add code from VoucherVille to your website Automatic
Issue 1. Receive client's payment
2. Log on to VoucherVille and issue voucher
3.Print or email voucher to client
1. Customer purchases from a link on your website
2. Voucher is automatically emailed to the customer
1. Customer purchases from a link on website
2. Voucher is automatically emailed to the customer
Redeem 1. Customer presents the voucher to you
2. You log on to VoucherVille to enter the voucher code
3. VoucherVille validates the code
4. Redeem the voucher & deduct it from the bill
Need help? You can validate the voucher over the phone.
Payment You take payment VoucherVille takes the payment from the client
VoucherVille pays the proceeds (sales less cost) after the voucher has been used
Cost No cost 5% of purchase to VoucherVille to cover costs 10% of purchase to reseller
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I re-issue a voucher?
VoucherVille allows you to capture a client's name and email address when issuing a voucher - great for helping to build a customer email list and for re-sending vouchers to customers.
2. Can I pre-print vouchers to make it easier to hand to walk in customers?
Yes, you can create vouchers in popular denominations, store them safely and then sell them to walk in clients.
3. We operate Point of Sale (POS) software. Can VoucherVille work with it?
VoucherVille does not currently integrate with POS's; we are however looking at a few POS integrations. Let us know which POS you use and if this is something you would like.
4. What will happen if I do not have access to the internet?
We operate a call centre and we are able to validate vouchers over the phone.
5. Why does VoucherVille charge a 5% fee for online voucher sales, but does not charge a fee for vouchers I issue directly?
VoucherVille incurs credit card fees when we take online payments on your behalf. When clients make payment to you directly we no longer incur a credit fee and hence we don't charge you - in this instance you would be charged a fee by your bank if you received payment via credit card.
6. Why do I pay an additional 10% referral fee for some online gift voucher sales?
When you sell a gift voucher from your own website or affiliated websites, you are not charged a referral fee as we do not need to reward anybody for referring business to you. However, VoucherVille would like to market your business and your gift vouchers in as many places as possible, and these websites want to earn a fee for brining you business. A 10% referral fee is pretty standard and good value for money, if you consider you are only paying a commission on the value of the voucher purchased and not a percentage of the actual spend by the customer in store. If the customer spends twice as much as the value of the voucher in store, then your percentage commission paid on this purchase is in reality only 5%.
7. Is it worth paying an additional 10% referral fee?
In short "yes" - and here is why. The majority of your customers will spend significantly more than the value of their gift voucher. As an example consider a restaurant booking for 4 people with a bill totalling R800. If a client was to make use of a R200 gift voucher which has been purchased through a re-seller, you would have paid a R20 referral fee which equates to only a 2.5% commission on the total spend of R800.
8. Is it a good idea to remind my customers to use their gift vouchers, can VoucherVille help with this?
Yes, in most instances this actually makes you more money. This is why:
The first prize is to sell a customer a gift voucher - in this way you are guaranteeing a sale.
The second prize is for a customer to actually use it. If the client doesn't use the voucher, you will have made money without incurring any cost of sales. But, if your mark-up on your product or service is good and a customer usually spends more than their voucher value, you will actually make more profit from the customer using their voucher. To illustrate using the example from point 4 above - If the client did not end up making use of their voucher you would receive R200 from the sale, all of which is profit. If the client was to use the voucher, and assuming you mark-up you goods at 100%, you would go on to make R400 profit.
9. Which websites will sell my gift vouchers?
We currently have a relationship with WiningAndDining.co.za and Dining-out for our restaurateurs. We are working with a number of other websites in different segments of the market to bring them on board and to make use of VoucherVille. Should you wish to sell your voucher on any specific website, let us know and we will see what we can do.