1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Evaluate your existing advertising channels
  3. Improve your promotions
  4. Find new marketing opportunities - only pay for results
Identify which advertising channels are working for me
We all need customers and advertising is a vital part of any business. The problem with advertising is that it's often very difficult to evaluate the results of an advertising campaign. The advertising decision often requires a step of faith - with the belief that the profit from the advertisement will outweigh its costs.
How does VoucherVille assist me in evaluating my advertising channels?
VoucherVille allows you to simply and easily create a promotional offering (we call this a discount voucher) and to then distribute it to your marketing channels. Each channel is given the identical promotional offering - the key difference is that a unique code is printed on each promotional offering, which identifies the channel. When a customer presents a promotional offering you would validate the voucher on VoucherVille and record the amount of money the customer spends. You are then able to identify where this customer came from, deduce which advertising channels are working, and accurately measure the financial return from each channel. This concept at work is best illustrated with an example:
The merchant, Mike's Deli, would like to evaluate their use of promotional flyers which they leave at a number of guesthouses in their town. They want to know if they are effective, and if some guesthouses work better than others in bringing in customers?
To do this they create a promotional offer of a "free coffee with every main meal" and hand them out for distribution at the guest houses. The promotional offer is identical but each guesthouse's batch of flyers carries a unique voucher code to identify it origin. Over the course of the next few weeks clients come in and present their voucher for a "free coffee". Mike's Deli validate the voucher on VoucherVille and record the amount of money the customer spends. Mike's Deli are then able to identify the total sales referred by each guesthouse and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.
I already run promotional advertising, so how do I implement VoucherVille to evaluate it?
This is the easy part, use VoucherVille to generate a voucher code per advertising channel and simply add this code to your promotional material. Then use all of the features available on VoucherVille to better track, manage and evaluate the process.
Do I need to offer a significant promotion to make this work?
No, this is not necessary; however you do need to offer customers some "added value" on presentation of the promotional material. In most instances if there is some value to be had by presenting a discount voucher, the customer will do so. A free beverage or 10% discount on a product or meal is surely a worthwhile investment in figuring out where your customers come from and where you can effectively reach them in the future.
Summary points
We all need to advertise, and when we do it's important to analyse the result of this advertising. VoucherVille enables you to track your print media advertising and evaluate the success of your different advertising channels. Simply add a unique code to your print advertising and by making use of VoucherVille the guesswork will be gone.
How does it Work - Evaluate your sales channels
  • Step 1: Decide upon a special offer you are going to incorporate into your advertising - something of value to ensure customers present the voucher to claim the value add.
  • Step 2: Amend your current advertising to incorporate this offering.
  • Step 1: Logon to VoucherVille and create an identical discount voucher for each advertising channel detailing amount, validity period and how, when and where it can be used.
  • Step 2: Incorporate the VoucherVille codes generated by the system onto your printable marketing material - only the voucher code changes for each advertising channel.
  • Step 3: Distribute your amended advertising material to your advertising channels.
  • Step 1: Customer presents the voucher / marketing material to you.
  • Step 2: Logon to VoucherVille and enter the 10 digit voucher code.
  • Step 3: VoucherVille will validate this voucher for you and allow you to continue if it is valid.
  • Step 4: Amend the customer bill to incorporate the discount given.
  • Step 5: Redeem the voucher by entering in the total amount the customer spends. If you need help call out hotline and we will validate the voucher over the phone for you.
  • Step 1: Logon to VoucherVille and navigate to the reports section.
  • Step 2: Evaluate the success of each advertising channels, comparing growth in customers and increased sales per advertising channel.
  • Step 3: Amend your marketing plans to incorporate the results of this new information.
Payments and flow of money
You receive full payment directly from customer.
There are no costs associated with using VoucherVille to evaluate your advertising channels.